Our Professional Barbers


Frank Z

Master Barber since 1962

Frank went to Central New York Barber School in 1960 and received his Barber license. He worked for several barber shops in the area until, in 1967, he opened his own barber shop in Fairmount, NY called ZIZZA’S Hairstyling Center.

Frank owned ZIZZA’S until 2009 and was very successful with his business over many years. In early 2009 he decided to sell the business and partially retire. Frank continues to work at his original shop, now named EuroSalon, four days a week, specializing in any type of haircut for any age, including: flat tops, hot shaves, etc.



Tracy J

Master Barber since 1973

Tracy truly has a passion for every hair cut and every service he provides to each and every customer. He obtained his education and Master Barber license over 35 years ago through Central New York Barber School. Since the beginning of his career, Tracy worked for ZIZZA’s Hairstyling Center, today known as ZIZZA’S Barber and Beauty Styling. Tracy is an expert in cutting and blending hair for men, women, and children.

Without questions, Tracy is one of the most conventional and contemporary barber/hairstylists in the area.



Ross M

Master Barber since 1986

Ross obtained his barbers license through apprenticeship in 1986. In 1996 Ross joined ZIZZA’S Hairstyling Center, now ZIZZA’S Barber and Beauty Styling. Ross will meet any of your haircut needs and leave you satisfied.